Agender Label
100% Natural Fabrics

Ludus Loves Fashion was established in 2010 as an in store fashion label for the needs of Ludus concept store's clients. The store was opened in 2006 and by 2008 it was already a platform for exciting and fresh macedonian fashion design, supporting and launching new young designers and labels. Now, Dragan Hristov, co-founder and owner of Ludus concept store has focused only on developing the fashion label. Conceptually driven, Dragan Hristov (a contemporary art graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts - Brera in Milan) aims to dress the clients according to their momentary feelings.

Based on emotions, often melancholic and sad, the collections walk the line between wearable and sleek avant-garde.

Silks and natural sheer fabrics make the looks mostly monochromatic and minimal and the silhouettes sculptural. Inspired by film and contemporary music, Ludus' presentations are events set in unexpected locations contributing to the intellectual character of the label.

Ludus was set as a liquid product from the beginning, evolving and changing from a concept store with strong identity to an experimental fashion label. Never loosing its integrity, the brand is to be expanded with an accessory line, as well as selling points in the region.

— Ludus (lat.): game, play; joke, trifle, jest.