Agender Label
100% Natural Fabrics


Ludus is a sustainable agender label, based in Skopje, North Macedonia committed to working exclusively with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, silk, flax, wool and cupro.


Dragan Hristov, a former student at the Brera- Fine Arts Academy in Milan, designs collections that translate emotions, often melancholic and sad, into minimalist, monochrome silhouettes that reflect the dynamic shifts of gender within Western societies. Drawing inspiration from people’s mystical connection to nature, Hristov intertwines natural fabrics and natural dyeing techniques to craft avant garde, futuristic garments that harmonise with sustainability.


Originally conceived in 2010 Ludus initially catered to the clientele of the eponymous concept store. Over time, it has evolved into a symbol of timeless design, where a team of skilled artisans expertly transforms age-old traditions into contemporary designer products.


This exceptional dedication to craft has garnered Ludus BIG SEE Fashion Design Award in 2018, NJAL+ Award at Assembly Designfestival in Graz in 2019 and WOW SHOW AWARD at Ljubljana Fashion Week in 2020.