Guest blog by Nikola Shindre: Why small fashion designer’s brands? Guest blog by Nikola Shindre: Why small fashion designer’s brands?

Guest blog by Nikola Shindre: Why small fashion designer’s brands?

By Dragan Hristov

Guest blog by Nikola Shindre: Why small fashion designer’s brands? Guest blog by Nikola Shindre: Why small fashion designer’s brands?


Many people have been asking themselves for quite a time these days about their responsibilities towards nature and environment. I have been asking myself how I can be more ecologically responsible and how I can try to stop the pollutions in our biosphere. In these interesting times of the pandemic of COVID-19 and the global warming caused by the big industries and factories these questions should bother us even more. So, I think that the first step towards greener economy is to start asking ourselves these questions.

We all know that the overproduction of clothes that go directly to the big landfills in the third world countries is quite a habit for the big companies and even bigger fashion industry chains that produce at low cost in the poor countries in order to sell quicker and quicker in the West World. That is not only an environmental question, but also it is a bad ethical decision about how we should threat each other and how we should behave towards the nature itself.

So, since I have started asking myself these questions I have been struggling to find easy solutions for such big problems. I have managed to find some solutions that work for me. Buying clothes is a necessity that should be immediately reduced if someone more often try to spend his money on buying new staff. Rather than buying something new every now and then, one should plan their purchasing habits in order to spend their money well and of course not to pollute the entire planet with irresponsible consumerism.

But, however is not so simple. Nobody is all alone and everyone should interact with everybody. Then, I find more suitable to buy rationally than not to buy clothes at all since I have the right to choose from whom I want to buy something even if I do not have the possibility not to buy at all.

That is why I prefer to buy clothes from small independent fashion designers. Choosing small brands you somehow manage to relate with the designer, the people who for work the brand and you see that your presence there is more important than in some big fashion store in a city mall. These brands work small with few clients and very responsibly. Usually they know you personally after a while and somehow that helps even more when you try to find the most suitable piece of clothing for you.



Sometimes the time for receiving the clothes from independent designers is longer, but that disciplines you to be calmer and more patient. Somehow you manage to learn the process of acquiring your clothes learn how to value every garment you choose and that it is what I’ve learned in this process of buying clothes from young and independent designers.

Furthermore, you are not afraid about the environment because the clothes you have preordered are made for you and they are not on a sale or stocked somewhere over the ocean and are ready to get burned. Some independent designers choose to use natural fabrics for producing the clothes since they have always been greener that the big fashion companies which wants just to produce cheap and sell it more.


Other aspect of my point of view is the one about the natural fabrics for my clothes. When I started to read about the detrimental effect of polyester I must admit that I began to worry about the materials that my clothes are made of, and once I have tried to wear designer clothes made from natural fabrics I felt the difference immediately. I saw that the my body and skin reaction is almost different than when I was wearing clothes made from synthetic fibres and dyes with toxic chemicals in them.

It is always nicer to wear clothes that are fitted for body since the small brands almost always ask for your measurements. Also, it is nicer to wear something that you know that it is from natural fabrics and that it suits you well on your skin. It is very well known that the self-care begins with treating your body and skin.


The third aspect of my decision to buy from small businesses is the one with the political idea behind this whole concept of smart consumerism. I think that with the global warming and all the urgencies about our planet it more than ever important for us to behave like rational beings that plan their spending and critically question their everyday habits.




The whole concept of buying small, planned, calm and ecological is very important for me as a citizen of the world. This way I can make contact with the designer, with the people who produce my clothes, I have the possibility to learn about the technological process of making the things that I wear and I can feel safe that I do not threaten the other living beings on this planet.


Last, but not least I think that buying agender labels  makes you even smarter in consuming and better in understanding other people. You can exchange your clothes both with your boyfriends and girlfriends and you can always give it away to someone who do not have the possibilities to have that kind of clothes.

The agender or unisex fashion clothes are easier to wear because they’re made to fit different body types . You can have the same clothes with your sister or partner or flat mate and exchange it when it should happen. Also, you can wear it on a night out and in the city gallery or some party. The possibilities with this kind of fashion are limitless.

Behind this concept of smarter living there is politics. We the people can create and we can participate in creating the new world where the bad consumerist habits will not be so applicable and people would find more ways in order to achieve something better for themselves and the environment too. Try to think, to plan and to spend well, that is all for a start.

After someone starts thinking about these and many other questions it is easier for them to plan their choosing and buying clothes and harder for them to spend the money. But, I think that the small businesses prefer that kind of clients – the ones who know what they want, who want to participate in the process and who want to be free of buying new clothes every now and then, but want to have some quality pieces in their wardrobe.

Try to think it, to plan it and then buy it, only if you need it or really like it.